locked Adding Optical Scanning for QSL Cards - Disaster Recovery

Marlo Montanaro - KA2IRQ

This is just a "shoot from the hip" idea... I'm thinking of a disaster recovery scenario but it has other uses as well.

Of course, we all save a copy of our log files "in the cloud," right?  (Say yes.  If you don't, get on it.  All your important data needs to be stored 'off site' in some way.)

But what about our paper QSL cards?  I know some hams scan both sides of each card into a PDF file so at least they can be saved on a computer, and stored off-site.  There's a significant investment in these cards and they're important to our hobby.

As I was thinking on embarking on scanning 40 some odd years of cards, I was thinking it would be nice if the image file was somehow linked to its record in my log book.  Click on the logbook entry, data pops up along with an image of the QSL card!

My understanding is there are plenty of drivers and API's for scanners, so integrating into ACLog probably would not be that difficult.  It's just a matter of storing the image file along with the log file in some way.

I'm not a programmer or I would help!

It's just an idea, so feel free to shoot me down, but I think it would add a lot of value.


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