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Scott Davis

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I've not ever used Grid Tracker here, but if the Grid Tracker developers set GT to use the CALLTAB event as detailed here, the callbook lookup will be initiated:

It is also possible that when they send data they may overwrite the existing callbook retrieval.

If you interface directly from my software to WSJT without intermediary, when the call is filled, the lookup is consistently enabled.  I have been using that here extensively with great success.  Details on that are here:

To fill missing fields, from AC Log's menu options click Edit > Fill Fields Determined by Call.


73, Scott

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When I use the above programs for FT8 and log the contact from jtdx into ACLog, the data pulled from QRZ by ACLog is often incomplete.  I can have several contacts in a row fill in the complete name and 6-digit grid then several that only retrieve the first name and 4-digit grid.  Sometimes random fields are not filled like county, state or country.  Is there a setting that I need to tweak in ACLog, jtdx or GridTracker?

Thanks for a great program and any help with this question.

N5JGE - Jim

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