WSJTX integration in VHF Contest #wsjtx


Great job on the integration of the wsjtx support into the VHF contest logging. I connected my Raspberry Pi (running with GPS disciplined time) to the N3FJP Logging and it worked like a charm. The coloring of the callsigns in the left panel made it easy to find the maidenhead squares which I was lacking as well as the callsigns which I had already logged.
Thanks to the link up of N3FJP to wsjtx, I more than doubled my score as compared to last year's June ARRL VHF contest.

BTW, Scott, your callsign having a black background was easy to spot on the band. Clever!

Why a Raspberry Pi station? No need for an Internet connection to operate FT8 / FT4 - although a network connection is needed to talk to N3FJP Logging.
N3FJP and Raspberry PI video

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