Re: Substantial issues with the N3FJP interface with WSJT-X if multiple instances of WSJT-X are running #wsjtx

Scott Davis

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your e-mail.  What you describe makes perfect sense.  For AC Log to rapidly check for dupes, return confirmation status for countries, states and grids, each time it detects WSJT is on a new band and / or mode, it reindexes your log. With AC Log having to flip back and forth multiple times in every decode cycle, I have no doubt it was flipping out!

Sorry, with the way we have implemented the WSJT interface, if you plan to run multiple instances, you will need to use an intermediary program like JTAlert or GridTracker instead of connecting AC Log direct to more than one instance.


73, Scott

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Substantial issues with the N3FJP interface with WSJT-X if multiple instances of WSJT-X are running #wsjtx

I, and several others I know, commonly run more that one instance of WSJT-X, JTalert, and AClog without any issues.  I recently upgraded to AClog v7.0 which has direct integration with WSJT-X.  I noticed the issue while running an instance of WSJT-X on 6m and another instance for a 2m rig that I have set up.  I worked a station and it logged successfully, but then I worked another station (new grid) and noticed that AClog was completely freaking out.  I noticed this after I thought I had logged the new grid station (it did not get logged).  AClog was blinking, not responding, and kept showing the QSO history for a call I have not worked for at least a few weeks.  In fact, it had log entries three times today for this station that I knew I had not worked.  In the middle of this, it notified me that I might want to upgrade to 7.0.1 which I did.  Closing and re-opening AClog made no difference.  I still got the blinking window response, extreme sluggishness, and odd QSO history lists.  I did notice that the information in the log entry window was changing back and forth between 6m and 2m (as did the mysterious extra log entries).  I believe that AClog is not handling two instances of WSJT-X running at the same time very well.  The behavior stopped when I shut down the second session.  Another ham I spoke with said he had witnessed the same thing today in almost the same situation and that he was able to reproduce the behavior.  Upgrading to v7.0.1 does not resolve this issue.  I was able to get the new grid station successfully logged.   I deleted the extraneous entries.  I hope this is the right forum to report an issue like this. Stephen - KY4G

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