v7, WSJT-X and logging #wsjtx

Loren McCullough - WA3WZR

Been using your software for years and love it.  I upgraded to v7 several days ago, and I like the new integration with WSJT-X ... mostly.  I have a question: under what circumstances does WSJT-X log to ACLog.  I have been using that feature to log to HRDlog for many years, but I have noticed that all QSOs are not logged to ACLog.   I noticed this because all of a sudden I had duplicate log entries for only some of my QSOs. 

Actually I would like to turn this feature off, but keep the display integration, which I think is great.  I know it may sound funny, but I want to manually log my QSOs (I only use HRDlog as secondary and to update HRDlog.net) as I use ACLog for my official log and want it to be accurate.  I have found that the logged information from WSJT-X is not consistent, and not always  complete, also I want to add other info as I log it (IOTA if needed, Radio  and antenna used, grid if not supplied by the other station, etc.).  Call me old school, (I have been a computer programmer for about 40 years (recently retired)) and I am not a fan of all automation.

Loren WA3WZR

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