Just Upgraded to 7.0 Wow.. and Question

Dave Templeton N4NG

Greetings and thank you for your continued support of the Ham Community.

I have been using AC Log for a few years now. I received the notice via groups that version 7 was available. I was surprised to be greeted by an upgrade notice that let me upgrade ACLog when I fired up the program. It was a joy to upgrade/update without having to download the file. Wow Big Plus Plus there. I upgraded from 6.9

I am new to digital and just getting around to FT8. More Specifically, I just Downloaded WSJT-X and will be running it with IC-7300 at home, and TS-480 out in the field. Looking forward to ACLog and WSJT-X.

Question: I read that ACLog does not require the use of JTAlert to communicate with WSJT-X. Is there a specific reason I would want to run JTAlert since ACLog now does not require it? I realize there may be some input of a subjective nature, but I am new and looking for general consensus on the topic.

Stay Safe

Dave - N4NG

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