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Mel Marcus


Thank you for your long explanation. I am a big supporter of N3FJP programs. My question was sometimes the name of a contest is not the same name that is used in N3FJP. So what I was asking was if you did support the contest, waht was then name of  you program. I understand your need to only develop software that will be used by many contesters.

Thanks again for your wonderful product suite.


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Hi Mel,

Thanks for your e-mail. We do not support that contest at this time.

All of our contesting software is contest specific. Each program is specifically designed with one contest in mind. You are of course free to use the programs for any contests that you like, but finding an existing program that will support another contest will be quite difficult.

Even if you find an existing program with an identical exchange, there are other parameters you'll have to check as well. For example, are the points counted the same per mode? Do you work the station once, once per band, once per mode or once per band and mode? Will the existing program create a Cabrillo file that the contest sponsors for the other contest will accept? What are the multipliers - states, sections, countries, counties. etc? Are multipliers counted once, once per band, once per mode, or once per band and mode. The list goes on!

As you can see, there is a lot more that goes into preparing Amateur Radio contesting software in addition to logging a specific exchange. I'm doing my best to create contest specific applications that each perform their intended function very well, so they generally are not adaptable to other contests for which they were not designed.

While we are not looking to add too many more straws to the back of this camel, I will give it some thought for the future.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Be well and enjoy!

73, Kimberly, KA3SEQ

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What if any program do we have for CQ-m


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