Re: Full Name for Fill Fields

Ara Kourchians <dotuplink@...>

Hi Mitch,

Ah, I should have been more specific. On QRZ, the "Operator Name" field name gets populated with whatever the "Name" field is on ACLOG. If I were to add a callsign on QRZ, the "Operator Name" field gets populated with their full name, but if I were to import my contacts from ACLOG (after using the Fill Fields function), it only populates "Operator Name" with the first name since that's what ACLOG pulls. 

I think there's a subtle mismatch in how information is populated and interpreted between ACLOG and QRZ for a given input callsign (i.e. - COMMENTS are just used for comments rather than full name/address in QRZ). Not that it's an issue, but rather a discrepancy between how things are done between the two programs.

Anyway, sounds like there's no quick way to fix this, so that's fine. Figured I'd ask just in case I missed the setting.


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