Please Test AC Log Beta 6.9.4!

Scott Davis

Hi Gang,

Chris, KB3KCN and I have been continuing to augment the WSJT > AC Log direct interface.  While we have lots more ideas in the works, that will take more time to develop, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look and test out this interim step:

In WSJT, please click File > Settings > Reporting and check the check box that says Accept UDP Requests:


If all goes well, stations that are duplicates (by specific digital mode) and band, regardless of confirmation status, will be displayed with a Red background.  Stations where you need the Grid, State or Country in which they reside will be Green:


I've done very little on 6 meters FT8, so I need everything!

You can adjust the items to color by clicking in AC Log > Settings > Application Program Interface > Configure (for WSJT).

And in the very cool event of one feature leading to another, in developing the state / callsign database with WSJT interface in mind, we also realized we could parley that functionality on the main form for DX Spots (both for display and confirmation alerts).  To enable, just click Settings > DX Spotting > Lookup USA States.  You will see the state appended to USA for DX spots:


Please give these new features a really good test and let us know how you make out.  You can download AC Log 6.9.4 Beta from this link here (no need to uninstall the previous version):

Thanks in advance for your testing!

73, Scott, N3FJP & Chris, KB3KCN

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