Re: Crash? Not connecting

Jeff Steinkamp


This is a common windows problem that happens with COM ports, especially when using USB to Serial devices.  The COM port probably did not get completely shutdown and there is still a handle open to the device, which is why you can not write to the device.  The only way to really clear this issue is to reboot the computer which should clear all of the handle during the shutdown.

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Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB) wrote on 4/24/2021 20:31:

I used ACL most of the day, no issues. Tonight however it would not connect to the com port, and when I try testing the connection I get make sure the port is not in use by another function it wasn't. I restarted my computer a couple of times and get this. I tried to test polling and the program would lock up. "not responding"
Not sure what to do next...thanks

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