IC-7300 Won't Change to Frequency and mode

Frank MacKenzie-Lamb <maclamb@...>

Hello All,

I thought I had this all down when I started with the 7300 but as I am an old guy I can't figure this problem out.  I'd like to selected a DX Entity from the DX Cluster below the ACLog. I have tried every which way but loose, read all Scott's rig software settings in the Help File but alas nothing. The "Read Frequency and Mode Command" are changed to 94. Can't not find "Convert To Hex" so I can make certain it is True. I tired all the baud rates as 9600 does not work (when the rig should be 115200 I thought but taking nothing for granted) Can't find Power Option but though it's not the same thing, "Connection Power" set to RTS but then the rig goes into the TX mode when I test it then unkeys when I select stop. When I press done, it asks me if I want to enable polling next time it starts up however when I exit the rig keys. Turning off the rig and turning it on it keys.  Stop and data bits are set to 1 and 8 respectively. In the 7300 I have set the CI-V port from "Unlinked" to Linked" The Comm Port was tested with the Silicon Labs to 6 as ports 7 & 8 do not work.

So that's where I am. If I had the $$ to fly Rob KD9INB here i would  :)....thanks for reading all this


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