Re: Possible BUG with AC Log 6.9 concerning Deleting Duplicates

William D'Agostino

Hi Scott and the group,

Thanks for your suggestion.  I tried it, but it didn't solve this strange problem.

So, I decided to take an "old-school" approach. 

I exported the AC Log ADFI file from yesterday, then re-installed my AC Log weekly backup, and then imported yesterday's ADFI file again.  I still had to manually deleted the 50+ duplicates from yesterday, but it did solve my problem although it wasn't an elegant solution.  In addition, I deleted my WSJT-X log file just in case the problem was caused by a corrupted file.

I successfully saved my QSOs from yesterday, and I avoided the need to manually delete the 1,000+ other duplicate QSOs which were created.

Thanks again, and I really enjoy using your logging programs.


On Friday, April 9, 2021, 8:58:47 AM EDT, Scott Davis via <snkdavis@...> wrote:

Hi Will,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I'm sorry that you have run into trouble.  There haven't been any changes to the remove duplicates function.  I just double checked here and it continues to work fine.

First, try clicking Edit > Fill Fields Determined by Call, so that more of the fields that are compared have values and then try running the function.

If that doesn't correct the problem, compare two records that you believe are duplicates for these fields:


It is very likely one or more of the above fields have different values.

Thanks so much for your kind words on the software!


73, Scott

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Hi Everyone,

First, AC Log is a great product and I enjoy using it.

I just upgraded to AC Log 6.9 from AC Log 6.7, and this was my first time using AC Log 6.9.  I’m running a Windows 10 Dell laptop. 

Yesterday, I worked approximately 50 stations using WSJT-X FT8 on 60m.  Near the end of my radio session, I started getting AC Log error messages that the QSO was not “logged” into AC Log.  This has occasionally happen with AC Log 6.7, and I never had an issue with importing the WSJT-X log and deleting duplicates contacts in AC Log 6.7.

I imported the WSJT-X log file into AC Log 6.9 to recover the missing QSOs and then ran the “Remove Duplicates” function.  This is were the possible “bug” occurred.  The AC Log did not delete the duplicates.  I restarted my laptop and tried again with no success.  I now have duplicate QSOs for all of my contacts from yesterday as well as another 1,000+ duplicates ranging back for several months.

As mentioned above, I was previously using AC Log 6.7 before upgrading to AC Log 6.9, and I never had a problem with deleting duplicates after importing the WSJT-X log.

Has anyone else experienced this possible bug?  Does anyone have a solution?


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