Re: Accurate Grids for POTA Hunting

Michael WA7SKG

A few issues here. First, POTA has no involvement with grids. There are no POTA awards with any regard to grids, so basically, we don't care. Second, some POTA entities are huge and may cover multiple states and grids. Although we do keep track of states and there are awards with a state component, keeping track of grids is a whole other level of complexity.

I would guess that, due to the fact that grids are not specifically of interest for POTA, many activators likely do not note or care what grid they are in.

My suggestion would be to simply ask the activator what grid he is in when you contact him. POTA is a program, not a contest. For most, time is not really an issue (yeah, I'll probably get heat for that comment), so feel free to ask. The great majority of activators are really nice folks and will generally be happy to chat for a minute.

For me, personally, when I set up for an activation, I make note of my grid square to six digits as well as lat and long in case anyone asks. And they have. I also now have APRS in the truck and beacon my location when activating.

Just some thoughts.

Michael WA7SKG

Jim Edmondson via wrote on 3/30/21 6:28 AM:

I have been hunting POTA activators and have a question about grids.  Do you other hunters out there record the grid for the park(s)?  ACLog fills in the grid for the activators QTH, not the park, from QRZ.  I have been manually finding the grid from the park lat/long and entering it in the comments for now.  Of course this is not reflected in my awards list for grids.  How have others handled this issue?
Thanks for any help and 73,
Jim, N5JGE

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