Re: ACLog Edit Issue

Michael WA7SKG

A couple things you could try. First off, look carefully at the edit screen. Since you have the box in your entry screen, it should be also in the edit screen. Be sure you are looking at Full Form. In the lower right side, there are three buttons, MORE, CANCEL, DONE. Click MORE to enter Full Form. Personally, I prefer to check the Default to Full Form box, so it always comes up.

Once you are in Full Form and see the MY_SIG_INFO box, you may edit the records individually.

Another option is, if you don't care whether that is in your ACLog database, you can export your ADIF file, then edit it with Notepad doing a global Find&Replace and add the entries in a couple minutes for submission to POTA.

If you do want the data in your ACLog database, do the above editing in Notepad, then import back into ACLog. Once you have imported it, delete the duplicates (File > Remove Duplicates) and you should be up to date.

Michael WA7SKG
POTA 7th Area Coordinator

Scott wrote on 3/23/21 10:17 AM:

I use a customized ACLog for Parks on the Air. I need to edit 11 QSO's from Saturday because I did not fill in MY_SIG_INFO when I activated. When I try to edit the contacts, that field is not available for me to fill in. Do I have to delete the entries and re-enter again since it would be considered maybe a custom field?
Scott, KN3A

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