Re: Search question


I have many thousands of contacts in ACL.  It works here just fine.  One caveat.  You must have rig control set to none for it to properly work.  With rig control set the software stores the last band worked and will default to this band when you click in the band box.  With rig control turned off, click in band box and either type the band you want to review or use the pick list to select the band, and then click on the search button in the menu bar.

Another way to get a list of contacts by band is to click on the "Band" label for the band column above your contacts.  This will put the column in "ascii" numeric order based upon the band in that column.  ASCII order will put all of the numbers with a leading 1 first and then all the numbers with a leading 2 second, then all with a leading 3, etc.  you can then scroll down the list to the section of the log that has the band you are searching for.

For me it is easier to save my rig control once, then I can turn it off or on as I need very quickly.  Then to do what you want turn off the rig control, search for the band I want, then turn rig control back on.

seven three de Kevin/NB7O

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