Re: Please Test AC Log 6.8.6 Beta - Saving Users Customized Entry Fields!


Hi Scott,  I may have found a minor bug.  I am running my log at a form size of 63 and that fits nicely on my large monitor with some other programs that are sized appropriately.

When I click on the settings - edit field display, position, and tab order I get the pop-up that tells me that I must resize back to 100% before changes may be made.  But the primary menu, with the new sub-menu of 'load configuration' does not drop out and it is hard to get a hold of the 'resize' message window behind it.

I too am only seeing a 'load configuration' option in the sub-menu and so I cannot change my current configuration to then create a new configuration.  When this new option is finalized will it also save the current form size?  if so that would be awesome.  Will we have to return our form size to 100% in the future?

seven three Kevin/NB7O

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