Re: Pota logging

Michael WA7SKG

Welcome, Doug. Please visit the website and the Parks on the Air (POTA) Facebook page. In the Files section are several excellent guides and videos on configuring ACL for POTA.

I would also suggest checking and maybe subscribing to Matt Heere's great videos on POTA. He has a beginners video, one for customizing ACL, and various operations videos.

Some good sources of help are the Slack channels, email to, or contact your Area Coordinator at where x= the number in your call. So, if your call is KB8HOI, you would send to

I'm sure you will enjoy the program.

Michael WA7SKG

Doug MacArthur wrote on 3/12/21 3:57 AM:

I am a newby.  How do I set up acl for pota?
73 Doug

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