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Scott Davis

Hi Dale,

I've not had any similar reports, so I am not sure why you are experiencing the column problem.  Please try going back to 6.8 and see if the column resizing problem remains.

You can customize your layout, or reset it to default, by clicking Settings > Edit Fields Displayed.

73, Scott

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From: Dale Martin, KG5U <kg5u@...>
Sent: Wed, Mar 10, 2021 11:01 am
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Fix Log Screen settings...

I’m running ACL
Columns in the logsheet must be re-adjusted each time I open ACL. Your FAQ says after 4.0 changes will be saved automatically. Apparently that’s not happening here.
At full screen size, Rec#, Date/Time, Snt, Rec, and Off columns on my screen are truncated (341…., 2021/03/09  18:…., +…., +…., 18:….) and must be resized manually.
On closing ACL and re-opening ACL,  the same columns are truncated.
Also, down in the entry field portion of the window, I have Time positioned under Call. Time however is truncated from hh:mm:ss UTC to hh:mm: UTC.
The entry field heights seem to come in three different sizes, none of which are adjustable. Also, entered text seems to get the tops cut off by the entry field banners.
In the Menu selections row at the top, the lower 25% of the Menu titles (File, Edit, Settings, etc.) are cut off by the Recent Contacts banner.
There so much dead space below the entry fields. Is there a way to bring up the bottom or bring down the top edge without having the whole log get compressed? Same goes for bringing in the sides.  
Dale, kg5u

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