Re: If I Created a POTA Log?

Michael WA7SKG

Part of the issue is, for everything other than POTA, all those contacts are dupes and don't count for anything and will be subsequently rejected or ignored. I would put them all in your logs with the primary park and not worry about the second park other than your POTA submission. There is nothing in any of the on-line logging systems that I know of that care a whit about the park numbers.

Doing a bulk edit of the adi file for the second park number is trivial for POTA submission. IMHO, does not really warrant the degree of complicated programming of a mainstream logging program to accommodate two-fers. For your own record, I would suggest putting the second park in the COMMENTS section, or utilize an OTHER box if one is available.

My $.0002

Michael WA7SKG

WA7WS wrote on 2/28/21 9:45 AM:

I just found out that many of my contacts have been deleted when doing the Search for Duplicates.  This is a real bummer when logging POTA..
Why are they being deleted?
The reason is.. I frequently log two parks at one time.. therefore the individual contacts for one are exactly the same as those of the second park.
The only thing that changes are the Park Designator.. and in my case.. the Park Name.
I now understand why it has been recommended by many to change the TIME of the contacts in the 2nd park by a minute.
This is troublesome in that I make, say 150 to 250 (or more) contacts in a day.  On these dual or triple activations.. That is a LOT of work
This would be a non issue of there was a single modifier one could add that would eliminate this horror.  I now have to go thru thousands of contacts to verify all are in place as I hope to upload these to LoTW, etc and the hunters would love to have that credit as available.
Is this something that is easily put in place?.. Or am I missing something?  In the past, I've been told to simply rename the two fields (my sig and and in my case, my park name)

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