Re: Editing my view

Rob French


I have the same question Jim does. As he said in his original question, it's not just that I want the column in the Main List View to be closer to the left, it's that I want there to be an editable box at the bottom of the screen, along with Call, Date, Band, Mode, etc. This way when I make a new contact, I can put something in that field if I want to. Right now, as far as I know, the only way to easily fill that field is to import from a contest program. But that doesn't let me record things like CWT, SST, WES, and other "unofficial" contests that don't have separate programs, and that I might want only make one or two contacts on because I happen to be passing by.

I would like "Contest ID" to be in the list of fields you can select and reposition in the "Edit Fields Displayed" dialog.

Thanks for any insights,

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