Re: If I Created a POTA Log?

Michael WA7SKG

Please keep in mind that World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF) and Parks On The Air (POTA) are two distinctly different programs with different requirements and park numbers.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via wrote on 2/23/21 8:01 AM:

Hi All,
While I've had lots of great reports from folks who have configured AC Log for POTA as detailed here:
How do I configure AC Log for proper ADIF output for WWFF Parks on the Air (POTA)? <>
I continue to receive requests for a dedicated POTA logger.
When I create contest specific applications, I know exactly what I want them to do, but I've not operated POTA much, I don't know what you would like to see and what a stand alone application built on a contest software template would do, that would be superior to how AC Log supports POTA already.
If you all can collectively brainstorm a clear and specific vision of what that would look like, if time and tide allow, I will consider a POTA specific application.  The main caveat is that I must be able to adapt an existing contest template (at least in terms of states / sections worked and / or any lists, such as the ARRL DX software format).
In short, if you can nail down and agree on something clear and specific, that is obtainable from my existing templates and is superior to how AC Log supports POTA, while I can't promise, I will try.
I am looking forward to seeing what emerges from the consensus of your brainstorming!
73, Scott
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