Re: Editing my Log

Jim Hamlin

Thanx John, I didnt even realize there was a contest ID field, since its normally off my screen.  Guess I'll move to where the default "other" column is.  And another thanx for the tip on qso party log manipulation.

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Jim / W8JRH

An ADIF import of the raw (that is not altered at all) ADIF file exported from N1MM+ populates the ACLog "Contest-ID" field.  Is that not sufficient for some reason?  I have thousands of ACLog entries from N1MM+ and they have always populated the Contest-ID field for me.

For state QSO parties where county is part of the exchange, I process the N1MM+ ADIF file through the AD1C "ADIF County Conversion" tool to transform the contest logged county format to a valid ADIF "CNTY" field.  Then I import that into ACLog.
73,  John / N8FYL

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