Re: Editing my Log

Michael WA7SKG

Hi Jim,

Since you are importing an ADIF file, that is the easiest place to edit it. Open your adi file in Notepad. If the Comment field is there, it will be something like <COMMENT:0>. However, if it is blank, it likely will not be there at all. Here are the steps to add your requested field:

-Open the file in Notepad
-At the end of the first contact, highlight <EOR>
-Hit ctrl-H, <EOR> should show up in the Find what box
-In the Replace with box, enter <COMMENT:7>WWCW DX <EOR>
-Click the Replace All button
-Click Cancel to close the Replace box
-Save the file and close Notepad
-Import the corrected file into ACLog

All the imported contacts should now show WWCW DX in the Comments section.

Michael WA7SKG

Jim Hamlin wrote on 2/22/21 2:09 PM:

Thanx Larry.  I imported my N1mm+ adif log file from the wwcw dx contest, and need to fill the comment field which is blank.
73.   Jim / W8JRH
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Hi Jim (call?),
If you are using the contest logger it is part of writing the ADIF file, which when pulled into ACLog will be in the comments field.
73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
*From:* Jim Hamlin <>
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*Subject:* [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Editing my Log
What's the easiest way to populate multiple log entries, in the "comments" area, with a constant like "WW CW"?

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