Alert for Countries Needed

Butch McCollough

Hello Scott.

I am trying to work all entities and have 248 logged now, with 92
remaining.  Is there any way or setting in your AC Log that will alert
me of a needed country from the DX Cluster?   I previously had used
LogEqf which became WinEqf and eventually has been abandoned. That
logging program had such a feature. It would alert me when a needed
country/entity would show up on the DX Cluster. I just recently started
using AC Log again ( I had tried it a few years ago, but soon after quit
chasing DX) and love it. I've been tayloring it to my liking and miss
that particular DX function. Perhaps some of your other software does
that...I haven't checked it all out yet.  I thought I'd just ask so as
to save time.

Thanks for a great product and thanks for your time.


Eden (Butch) McCollough...K3AFR

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