Great contest, thanks to the N3FJP log used at N0GM

George Merkle N0GM

Scott & Kimberly,
Thank you for making such a great log!  Operating this contest was such a delight, especially since I slipped on ice last week and broke my hand and knee cap, so was pretty much confined to the ham shack (no, I didn't plan this!).

CTRL-H function to store calls and frequencies enabled me to bag Cuba, Venezuela, and Curacao in the last 12 minutes of the contest, as I toggled between them.  (So much easier than stacked VFOs on my Yaseu FTDX3000, which require keeping a paper track of which VFO is where.)  Dupe function and Super Check again made it so much easier, especially for those 40 wpm computer generated CQ's barely audible, and this time, the DX spotting feature actually enabled me to log some contacts I otherwise would have missed.

I started out the contest with a stack of blank paper on my desk to keep notes, but only used 2 or 3 sheets for 242 QSO's, a tribute to the efficacy of your program.  Have already successfully uploaded the log to the ARRL and imported it into ACL for LOTW.

Bravo Zulu (Well Done) from this one time Navy radioman.
George N0GM
San Antonio TX

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