Re: Error Message When Connecting to LOTW

Jim Ruff

Hi Larry,
Thanks for your reply. Here’s what I’ve done and what I’m running:
1.  I’ve read the FAQ’s
2. TQSL 2.5.7
3. ACLog 6.1
4. Win10
5. Set up TQSL on new computer with a new TQSL certificate 

When I clicked “all qso’s not uploaded” The message that comes back is “Already uploaded qso’s detected”.  In the body of the text it says the log contains 91 qso’s which appear to have already been signed for upload to LOTW, and no new qso’s.

This leads to to believe that the qso’s were uploaded, but I’m not seeing a “Y” in the sent column of ACLog .  

When I hit the “confirmed since” button I get an error message “Error retrieving web data”.  The body of the message says that request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.  

That’s a lot of info, but I hope it gives you a clearer picture of where I’m at.  Any and all help is appreciated.


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