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K9PLX Chuck

Hi Nick. Welcome to the best piece of ham radio software around. To answer your questions:

1. You need to connect ACL with QRZ; you'll need a QRZ XML subscription.
  1. Choose the menu item CALLBOOK>QRZ INTERNET LOOKUP
  2. Fill in your QRZ membership login and password.
  • If you'd like to see the member's QRZ page displayed in a window along with your log, there's a box to check for that.
I'm attaching screenshots of both of these steps.
2. Yes. The $50 gets you every program/log Scott has ever written (or will write in the future). VERY good deal. Each of the individual contest logs' records can be imported into ACL if you wish.

Chuck K9PLX (satisfied ACL user since 2002)
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On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 8:36 AM Nick M via <> wrote:
I like the software , I have some questions .
1.  When I put in a call sign  , the software brings up the information, is there a way to link the new call  sign QRZ page. Meaning if am having qso  with a new station I would like to look up the qrz page , right now I  have cut and  paste . 
2. The registration  fee for $29 is just the software , $49.99 is for all contest logs available? 

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