Cannot get N3FJP software to work with new IC7300

John <radio@...>

I can't seem to get N3FJP programs to work with FLdigi and AClog or CQWPX with my ICOM 7300.  Ether FLdigi or the N3FJP programs work alone.  I also can't get WSJT-X to work with the logging programs.

My setup with a TS-440s and Hermes SDR never had a problem and worked well with all the many N3FjP programs I used over the years.

Starting a logging program first and setting up the API to Enable Server on port 1100 and then starting FLrig and FLdigi causes port 6 on my PC to disappear.  Port 6 is the USB port for the IC7300.  The FLrig and FLdigi setups are according to what is recommended on the IC7300 settings on Source Forge.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  I have spent a lot of time and tried many things, but the result is always that it doesn't work.  Is there something about Windows 10 I should know?  I recently upgraded from Windows 7 so I could run my tax program.

John,  W0GN

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