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Both machines run a 4x3 monitor as the primary (left) and a 16x9 monitor as the extended (right).  When the program starts, it typically is spread across both monitors.  I've tried the edit procedure when the program first starts and is spread across both monitors, and when it's full screen on the either of the other monitors.  The resolution of the two monitors is obviously different.  I normally run the program on the larger 16x9 monitor.

Rick, KN3C

On 2/12/2021 15:29, Scott Davis via wrote:
Hi Rick,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I am sorry that you have run into trouble.  It's very odd that this code has been around for years and only recently there have been a few problem reports.  

Is it possible that your primary screen dimensions are different than the screen on which you are customizing AC Log?

73, Scott

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I am a new user and am having the same problem on two identical desktop machines running Win 7.  The initial installs were 6.7, but I just upgraded one of the machines to 6.8 and have the exact same behavior.  I have followed all of the steps listed in this thread, but no joy.  I like the program, but this has gotten me off to a bit of a rocky start.

I click on Settings, Edit Fields, get the message about setting the form size to 100%, click yes, restart, repeat the procedure and go right back to the Set form size to 100% message.  It's an endless loop.

I am retired, but did IT and computer support, so computers and their misbehaviour are not strange to me.  I am wide open for a suggestion, or for someone to point out to me that I've made a dumb newbie mistake.

Rick, KN3C

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