Re: Edit Fields function

Rick Markey, KN3C <kn3c@...>

I am a new user and am having the same problem on two identical desktop machines running Win 7.  The initial installs were 6.7, but I just upgraded one of the machines to 6.8 and have the exact same behavior.  I have followed all of the steps listed in this thread, but no joy.  I like the program, but this has gotten me off to a bit of a rocky start.

I click on Settings, Edit Fields, get the message about setting the form size to 100%, click yes, restart, repeat the procedure and go right back to the Set form size to 100% message.  It's an endless loop.

I am retired, but did IT and computer support, so computers and their misbehaviour are not strange to me.  I am wide open for a suggestion, or for someone to point out to me that I've made a dumb newbie mistake.

Rick, KN3C

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