Re: RTTY and PSK with ACLOG

Richard Rohrer

I use two different programs depending on what I am doing.  For casual digital modes and non-RTTY contests I use Fldigi which interfaces to ACL without any problem, just check the correct boxes in the logging setup.  For RTTY contests I use N1MM+ with MMTTY and several other decoders.  I like to operate true RTTY during contests and with my IC7410 I can setup another decoder that will put the Icom's built in  decoder into a decoder window, I think the Icom hardware decoder works better than most of the software ones.  I found that I did not like the waterfall display on N7YG program since it is derived from MMVARI.  I use to use HRD/DM780, but did not like the burden it put on the computer, since the only part of HRD used was the rig interface for frequency and ptt.  I would suggest trying a couple of different programs and settle on the one that fits your operating style. 

Dick - KC3EF

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