Winter Field Day log question #contest

Steven Dick

Hi. I used the N3FJP software for Winter Field Day this past weekend and it worked flawlessly. The one question I have relates to keeping track of scoring.  During the contest, the main page keeps track of ongoing score based on QSOs, modes, and automatically computed multipliers. The automatically computed multipliers are based on unique modes per band and bands.  It does not take into account the power multiplier.  When the Cabrillo file is created, it includes the power multiplier (In my case it was less than or equal 100 watts, for a multiplier of 2) as well as extra credit points. It multiplied the displayed score on the main contest page by the power multiplier to give the computed score in the Cabrillo file.  I guess this is  matter of philosophy, since there are also additional credits which are added when the Cabrillo file is created. But the power multiplier has a large impact to the score.  Should that be included as part of the setup?  It is a single digit multiplier, easy to enter.


Steve K1RF

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