How to cancel "Transmit CW"

John Allen

I was using Winter Field Day Logger.


I had too many USB connections for my laptop. And I plugged in a USB keyboard lamp, Rig Control (that I just got working with my TS-50), Keying adapter, Signalink USB, Mouse.)


I used an old powered hub that I have had for years. When I plugged in the keyboard lamp I transferred the keying adapter and the rig control to the hub. Later, when I plugged in the Signalink, which wants adequate power, I transferred my moue to the powered hub and plugged the Signalink directly into the computer.


Every time I keyed the radio with my microphone PTT or my code key, or the Signalink, the system would go crazy killing all the com ports as well as my mouse. I had to spend time reactivating the ports and finding my mouse again.


The computer told me that the USB hub was unrecognizable. I took it and the USB lamp out and plugged in the rig control and the keying adapter directly as well as the mouse. Joy!


Then I thought I would try to set up for digital, so I unplugged the keying adapter and (eventually) plugged in the Signalink. I brought up FLDIGI, and after I figured out the missing connections, I got it working and it was asking for frequencies and receiving the actual frequency. I need to work on how to make QSOs but I think it was working. I decoded some CQs. Now to work on answering.


As I could not see much action so I wanted to go back to CW and SSB. There was notice about a missing COM5 in the Transmit CW. I unplugged the Signalink and plugged in the CW adapter. Message kept recurring. It was toward the end of the Field Day period, so I did not want to shut down to repair the COM port.


Rig control was still working so I tried to type a new frequency into the CallSign Field. After every digit, the notice about the CW Com port recurred and had to be acknowledged.


I could not find the checkbox to check or uncheck saying enable this function. Could I have turned it off?


Next time I am going to have to think carefully of what I connect to the USB ports. That recurring message made the program nearly unusable.


Or is there a reliable powered USB hub available?






Things were slow, so I wanted to

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