Hi Scott -
I tried the CW PTT for Amps check box but I can't find where it defines which com port I am keying the PTT. After I check the box nothing happens.  In the ACL Phone setup we configure the com port for PTT as shown.  I am looking for the same set up for CW.  Thanks and 73 - Paul NO0T

!Phone Setup.PNG

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your e-mail.  I am by no means a hardware guy, so you will definitely need more help from others on this one than I can provide.  If you are using internally generated CW (not Winkeyer), there is an option to key your amp via RTS or DTR prior to the CW keydown if that helps.


Good luck with your project!

73, Scott

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Hi folks

I have a remote station operation using an ICOM 756 Pro 3, Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR and a Palstar LA-1K amp.  I use an RF switch relay to switch between the SDR and the Amplifier.   For Software I use Ham Radio Deluxe for CAT to the ICOM radio and N3FJP ACL for logging and keyboard CW.  Computer is Windows 10 64 bit.

When I try to send CW while operating contests or casual QSO's I always get the first character of the letter cut off when I start sending. When I use the ACL keyboard to send CW, the first character i.e. a dit or dah  is cut off.  If I use a keyer directly onsite with a separate PTT line to the radio no problem.  I suspect the semi-breaking keying is too slow for the relays to close, losing the first dit or dash.

I use a physical RS232 port to key the PTT on the radio from a RS232 COM port on the back of the radio but I can find no way to configure that port in the CW settings of ACL.  I can configure a direct PTT com line from the ACL Phone settings.

What am I missing - is there any way to key the RS232 com port PTT line immediately when I hit send from the keyboard?

Thanks for the help.


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