Hi folks

I have a remote station operation using an ICOM 756 Pro 3, Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR and a Palstar LA-1K amp.  I use an RF switch relay to switch between the SDR and the Amplifier.   For Software I use Ham Radio Deluxe for CAT to the ICOM radio and N3FJP ACL for logging and keyboard CW.  Computer is Windows 10 64 bit.

When I try to send CW while operating contests or casual QSO's I always get the first character of the letter cut off when I start sending. When I use the ACL keyboard to send CW, the first character i.e. a dit or dah  is cut off.  If I use a keyer directly onsite with a separate PTT line to the radio no problem.  I suspect the semi-breaking keying is too slow for the relays to close, losing the first dit or dash.

I use a physical RS232 port to key the PTT on the radio from a RS232 COM port on the back of the radio but I can find no way to configure that port in the CW settings of ACL.  I can configure a direct PTT com line from the ACL Phone settings.

What am I missing - is there any way to key the RS232 com port PTT line immediately when I hit send from the keyboard?

Thanks for the help.


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