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Michael WA7SKG

Also keep in mind that people using radios inappropriately may likely be using ANY frequency. In fact, the chances of them using "standard" frequencies is less likely than using "random" frequencies. If they were cognizant of standard ham simplex or other channels, they probably would avoid them. Also, remember band plans vary around the country, so the simplex frequencies listed below may not apply in your area.

We have found "bootleggers" on various unexpected frequencies in our area. For example, there is a group of Spanish speakers using the output frequency of a distant 440 ham repeater using low power handhelds. Another group was found on 146.555. Cheap readily available radios (Baofengs, etc.) come with a bunch of ham and non-ham frequencies programmed "out of the box". We often find people using these channels for various communications. Inland areas often find people using marine radios for improper communications. (Very common in mid-west farming areas far from water.)

If you are interested in looking for these, I suggest using the "band-scan" feature of most scanners by inputting a low and high frequency and scanning everything in between. Again, as previously mentioned, programmable analog scanners are often found cheaply on the used market. Receive only systems are much more forgiving, so I have a 25-1300 MHz discone antenna on the roof feeding an amplified wide range multicoupler designed for 75 ohm TV distribution feeding several scanners and SDR dongle receivers to monitor a wide variety of services and frequencies.

Michael WA7SKG

Scott Davis via groups.io wrote on 1/19/21 4:53 AM:

Hi All,
Just as a quick follow up.  In case you need it, in addition to local repeaters, our club put together a list of frequencies to monitor, that would be most accessible to individuals using two way radios out of the box.  Here are some frequencies to enter into your scanner (an Excel spreadsheet with this data is attached):
Freq Service Channel
26.9650 CB 1
26.9750 CB 2
26.9850 CB 3
27.0050 CB 4
27.0150 CB 5
27.0250 CB 6
27.0350 CB 7
27.0550 CB 8
27.0650 CB 9
27.0750 CB 10
27.0850 CB 11
27.1050 CB 12
27.1150 CB 13
27.1250 CB 14
27.1350 CB 15
27.1550 CB 16
27.1650 CB 17
27.1750 CB 18
27.1850 CB 19
27.2050 CB 20
27.2150 CB 21
27.2250 CB 22
27.2350 CB 24
27.2450 CB 25
27.2550 CB 23
27.2650 CB 26
27.2750 CB 27
27.2850 CB 28
27.2950 CB 29
27.3050 CB 30
27.3150 CB 31
27.3250 CB 32
27.3350 CB 33
27.3450 CB 34
27.3550 CB 35
27.3650 CB 36
27.3750 CB 37
27.3850 CB 38
27.3950 CB 39
27.4050 CB 40
29.6000 Ham Simplex
146.4800 Ham Simplex
146.5200 Ham Simplex
146.5350 Ham Simplex
146.5500 Ham Simplex
146.5650 Ham Simplex
146.5800 Ham Simplex
146.5950 Ham Simplex
147.4200 Ham Simplex
147.4350 Ham Simplex
147.4500 Ham Simplex
147.4650 Ham Simplex
147.4800 Ham Simplex
147.4950 Ham Simplex
147.5100 Ham Simplex
147.5250 Ham Simplex
147.5400 Ham Simplex
147.5550 Ham Simplex
147.5700 Ham Simplex
147.5850 Ham Simplex
151.8200 MURS
151.8800 MURS
151.9400 MURS
154.5700 MURS
154.6000 MURS
223.4200 Ham Simplex
223.4400 Ham Simplex
223.4600 Ham Simplex
223.4800 Ham Simplex
223.5000 Ham Simplex
223.5200 Ham Simplex
446.0000 Ham Simplex
462.5500 FRS / GMRS 15
462.5625 FRS / GMRS 1
462.5750 FRS / GMRS 16
462.5875 FRS / GMRS 2
462.6000 FRS / GMRS 17
462.6125 FRS / GMRS 3
462.6250 FRS / GMRS 18
462.6375 FRS / GMRS 4
462.6500 FRS / GMRS 19
462.6625 FRS / GMRS 5
462.6750 FRS / GMRS 20
462.6875 FRS / GMRS 6
462.7000 FRS / GMRS 21
462.7125 FRS / GMRS 7
462.7250 FRS / GMRS 22
467.5500 GMRS
467.5625 FRS / GMRS 8
467.5750 GMRS
467.5875 FRS / GMRS 9
467.6000 GMRS
467.6125 FRS / GMRS 10
467.6250 GMRS
467.6375 FRS / GMRS 11
467.6500 GMRS
467.6625 FRS / GMRS 12
467.6750 GMRS
467.6875 FRS / GMRS 13
467.7000 GMRS
467.7125 FRS / GMRS 14
467.7250 GMRS
906.5000 Ham Simplex
73, Scott
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Hi All,
Below is an e-mail I sent to our local club yesterday afternoon.  We are in a unique position to do so something very helpful for our country, by monitoring for illegal activity.  Collectively, I suspect we can provide this service better than anyone else on the planet.
The text is specific to our club, so you will likely want to reword some of this, to make it applicable to your area, before you share it with your local group, but please feel free to use any sections that are pertinent....
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From: Scott & Kimberly Davis <snkdavis@aol.com>
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Subject: Everyone, Please Read: Protecting our NEMARC Frequencies & Our Country
Hi All,
I think most of us are still somewhat reeling, sickened and incredulous as to what happened last week in Washington.  Whatever our political beliefs, that behavior is completely and totally unacceptable.
As you probably know, the riot organizers have lost the use of most of the on line forums that they previously relied on for planning and coordination.  What you may not know is that these individuals are now turning to two way radio to further their agenda. According to a CNN article dated today, the FCC just made the following statement:
"The Bureau has become aware of discussions on social media platforms suggesting that certain radio services regulated by the Commission may be an alternative to social media platforms for groups to communicate and coordinate future activities," the FCC said in its warning Sunday. "Individuals using radios in the Amateur or Personal Radio Services in this manner may be subject to severe penalties, including significant fines, seizure of the offending equipment, and, in some cases, criminal prosecution."
I believe that is occurring in our area.  Earlier this afternoon, I heard a new guy "testing" on 146.595.  I gave him a call and asked the normal, welcoming questions.  It didn't take long for the individual, alluding to the riots, to explain that he and several of his friends were newly licensed in the last few months, so that they could communicate and make plans for certain emergencies / contingencies / meetups, etc.  He went on to explain that they had their own Discord channel, but it that their Discord channel got shut down after the riots.  It is easy to infer the content of their channel if it gave Discord cause to block it.
In addition, episodes of intentional, harmful interference in Harford County are increasing.  It's not limited to the ham bands.  Public service frequencies, such as Harford Fire are also being intentionally interfered with.
So, we have two specific goals:
1.  We do not want these guys on our NEMARC frequencies.
2.  We do not want these guys in our area.
To keep these guys off our frequencies....
We've not been as active on 146.595 lately, so perhaps others have found it easy to slide in.  For us to accomplish goal number 1, we need to make 146.595 less attractive for their purposes.  These guys are looking for frequencies where they can communicate without lots of ears.  If you hear someone new on the frequency, call them.  Be nice and engaging. First, they might truly be good, new folks (and we sure want them to stay), but if they are guys with nefarious intent, they are not going to want to continually have to go "around" us to plan their stuff.  So, everyone, please monitor 146.595.  If you hear someone new, chat them up every time they are on (but don't invite them to join NEMARC until you are sure they are ok).  They will get tired of us and move to another frequency.
If you start a conversation, ping the rest of us on Discord, so that we can all join in.
To get these guys out of here.....
Guys, you and I are in a unique position to be especially useful in ferreting out these guys and helping to protect our country.
If we can prove illegal communications are occurring, we can relay that proof to the authorities.  The beauty is, we already have most of the equipment we need to listen for that proof.  My guess is these guys are going to be using unmodified radios, so think Amateur Radio, FRS, GMRS and CB frequencies.  Most of us already have good antennas covering those bands.  All we need are inexpensive analog scanners with those frequencies programmed in.
If you pick up illegal communication, record it.  Should we obtain solid evidence of planning for illegal activity, I have contacts with ARRL that I know will advise us on how to proceed.
If you don't already have a scanner, I purchased this 500 channel, analog scanner about a year ago.  It is only $99 and is perfect for the application we are describing, covering all the frequencies they would likely use:
After this is over, you can always use it to monitor local repeaters, simplex, 10 meter repeaters, Harford Fire, etc.
You will want to hook the scanner to a good antenna.  The telescoping whip won't cut it.  I will be using either my 2M / 440 antenna, or a scanner antenna.  There are adapters available to easily hook your existing coax run to your scanner.  It will hear like a champ!
Finally, keep communicating with the group.  If you hear something locally, let others know what frequency(s) to monitor on Discord and e-mail. Above all, if illegal activity is being discussed, DO NOT ENGAGE or tip your hand.  Just press record.
Let's do our part in this guys.  We can make a difference and help protect our country and uphold the basis and purpose of Amateur Radio.
73, Scott
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