Re: Problem with ACL and SatPC32 interface with Kenwood TS2000

Stephen Malyszka

Thanks Scott,
I'm using the Kenwood option.  If you look at the screen shots the first frequency received is A which is the downlink frequency 435MHz. The uplink frequency( Receiver B) is sent second 145MHz. From what you said, ACL first picks A. Does it enter that into the log even though  B was requested?? Isn't that the problem? Shouldn't  ACL continue to look at the received strings until it finds B and enters that frequency into the log? I apologize if I'm missing something? 


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Hi Steve,

With the Kenwood option, my software first looks for FA in the returned string.  If it doesn't find FA, it then looks for FB.

With the Kenwood2 option, your rig should return the active VFO regardless.  In that case, the software looks for IF.  

I hope that this helps!

73, Scott

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Hi Scott,
Thanks for looking.
I think I know what's happening. Satpc32 Commands the TS2000 Receiver A and B (SSB U/L) about every few sec for doppler correction and frequency read. ACL polls the TS2000 every 2 sec by setting. This occurs over a single COM port using a virtual COM port splitter.

Please refer to the screenshots attached. Does the ACL code ignore the tag FA or FB  of received data to determine which Receiver frequency to enter into the log?  Or does it ignore the Tag assuming it is the response from the Receiver that was commanded to read? When Satpc32 is not running, ACL works fine. Please confirm.

Many thanks,
Steve AG2J

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