locked Re: Does N3FJP work with Eterlogic's VSPE software to expand single COM4 into virtual ports...if so how?

Michael WA7SKG

I have used VSPE for several years with good results. The biggest issue I have seen is incorrect configuration. Here's the step-by-step I use.

Create New Device (Either click the icon with the connector and red star or Device > Create)
Under Device Type select Splitter, then NEXT
Under Virtual serial port select an unused port
Under Data source serial port select the physical serial port connected to your equipment (this can be determined in Device Manager)
Click Finish

Now go into the configuration for your various applications and point them to the virtual port you just created.

Michael WA7SKG

Walter Egenmaier wrote on 1/9/21 10:39 AM:

I just d/l VSPE to add virtual ports so I can operate several softwares including my logger program N3FJP.
Are these 2 compatible? If so, why doesn't N3FJP see the rig when I put it on the COM7 I created from COM4?

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