Re: Bulk Editor of Operator Call

Mike Olbrisch

Well, I've seen it. So YMMV. My opinion, there are two kinds of people
using text editors on their ADIF files. Those who hosed up a log. And
those who haven't yet. Well. There is a third......

So you pays your $$$ and you takes your chances. Do whatever works for you.
Including the backup, if you trust yourself that well.

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC
El Paso, Texas - DM61rt

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That's a bit over dramatic. ADIF errors can be easily fixed if you didn't
actually mass delete data, but that's why we encourage backups. A simple
format error does not "hose your log". Attached is a short text file that
describes how ADIF works.

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If you are doing it with a text editor, make sure you have a good backup.
Certainly it is dead simple. If you understand ADIF. But delete one
period or comma, get one piece out of place, and you just hosed your log.

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