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I am still using v. 6.6 and fields for station and operator do not show up during export ADIF process like in the screenshot you provided above. Was it added in later version of the program? Really fast, easy and safe solution.
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If you are doing it with a text editor, make sure you have a good backup.  Certainly it is dead simple.  If you understand ADIF.  But delete one period or comma, get one piece out of place, and you just hosed your log.

BACKUP !!!!!  We all should be doing that anyway, but you know how it is………



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It can be done on an ADIF file with a text editor and clever use of search and replace IF you have an understanding of how ADIF fields work (hint: it is dead simple).


You can also do it with ADIF Master:


You will have to export the log as ADIF, do the work, and then re-load it into ACL.








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> Hi Everyone.

> I have a friend who called and he has ACLog for general Logging. He

> has a problem I am trying to assist with. When he loaded his log from another logger, he merged his old call logs, with his new call logs. I am working with him on making the logs correct showing which call they were worked with. My question is is there a way to bulk edit the OPERATOR field (we are talking almost 500 qso's)? I have tried ADIF master, and other options, but no luck yet.


> Chuck K0XM










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