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Jim Shorney


You can edit an ADIF with a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ with clever use of search-and-replace. Before you do that you need a basic understanding of how ADIF fields work. They are really simple once you understand it.

ADIF Master works a lot like a spreadsheet. Right-click is your friend. To bulk edit any column right=click on the column header bar and select Replace. Select the various options you need and click Replace in Column. Always make a backup copy of your file before you make any changes.

Please note that it has been announced that from here on out the mandatory file name format for POTA log file submission is YOURCALL@K-xxx-YYYYMMDD.adi. Example: W1AW@K-9999-20201231.adi

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Zero District POTA Area Coordinator

On Fri, 01 Jan 2021 15:38:01 -0800
"N7GHG" <> wrote:

Disclaimer:  I'm a total rookie at not only ACL.. but ADIF Master and Windows as well...  That said..

I did a dual park POTA activation yesterday and logged on paper.. mistake.. as it took forever to enter 147 contacts.
I created a separate ACLog file for this activation knowing I'd have to do some manipulation using ADIF Master.

What I don't know how to do in ADIF Master is to modify a whole bunch of data at once like I have done on my MAC using "text edit"

I did make a copy of the original log and gave it the gave it the file name for the new park.. so I now have two distinct files

There are a couple of things I need to do.. (I don't think this can be done in ACL to my limited knowledge)
1. Change the park designation from K-1234 to K-5678 on all 147 contacts.
2. I also have a field in ACL where I add the actual name of the park for each contact.  I'd need to also delete the park name in the copy and re-enter the new name for all contacts.

Also, once a .adi file is created.. is there a way to open that file within Windows as a 'text edit'.. I think I could do it there.. but, I thought that was what ADIF Master was all about.

I hope I've explained this reasonably well so someone can help.
Thanks, Bill N7GHG

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