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Hi John,

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I'm a new ACLOG user and still learning the in's and out's of the program.  At the moment. there are three particular fields where I would like to change the defaults... The first is the COUNTRY field, which seems to default to "Norway" and I haven't been able to change the default to "USA". I am seeing similar behavior with the CONTINENT field, which seems to default to "EU" rather than "NA".   I expect that this is an easy one that I just haven't figured out yet.  

**  Sorry, I am not clear on what you are asking, the related form, values you entered to generate these defaults, etc.  Please include a screen shot in your reply and we will likely be much better able to help.

The last one (for now) is the DATE/TIME field.  Currently, this field appears to combine the Date, trailed by the entered Time.  However, this creates problems when I export data to other programs for sorting and printing reports.  Is there any way to force separate fields for DATE and TIME, rather than the default of a combined field?

**  When you export in ADIF, the individual values are exported.

  Related question - Does the TIME field in the NET screen behave differently?  How is that field different from the TIME fields in the main ACLOG screen?

**  The value of the time on the .Net form is the current time when it first receives focus.  The value on the main form is dependent on your fill fields on Call tab option.


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I did check the FAQ pages and a few of Scott's videos for these answers, but no joy.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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