ACLOG Defaults

John Kintz

I'm a new ACLOG user and still learning the in's and out's of the program.  At the moment. there are three particular fields where I would like to change the defaults... The first is the COUNTRY field, which seems to default to "Norway" and I haven't been able to change the default to "USA". I am seeing similar behavior with the CONTINENT field, which seems to default to "EU" rather than "NA".   I expect that this is an easy one that I just haven't figured out yet.  

The last one (for now) is the DATE/TIME field.  Currently, this field appears to combine the Date, trailed by the entered Time.  However, this creates problems when I export data to other programs for sorting and printing reports.  Is there any way to force separate fields for DATE and TIME, rather than the default of a combined field?  Related question - Does the TIME field in the NET screen behave differently?  How is that field different from the TIME fields in the main ACLOG screen?

I did check the FAQ pages and a few of Scott's videos for these answers, but no joy.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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