Re: Get timeout error accessing QRZ

Steven Weeks <swweeks@...>

Scott - I get this same error message pretty much every day too, sometimes repeatedly. And it is not my Internet connection, which is 200 megabits with low latency,  All indications are that it is a QRZ website error, but a very transitory one since if I get this error and then put the cursor in the callsign box and press the spacebar, which causes a retry of the QRZ lookup, it works instantly, 100% of the time.  Another indication of this being transitory is that when I use the Fill Fields Determined by Call function on a list of, say, 20 items, sometimes it throws that error message on the very first item on the list and then finishes the other 19 correctly.  There is apparently something about opening a new connection on QRZ that fails or at least delays with some regularity, presumably due to less than ideal QRZ code performing that function.
Since we can safely assume that QRZ won't be fixing that problem anytime soon, how about if you apply the fabulously successful approach that you added to the DX Spotting function -- trying QRZ again if the connection does not work the first time before displaying the timeout error message?  If your software tried again to connect to QRZ when the first time fails before throwing the error message, my guess is that you would essentially eliminate those errors since all the evidence I have is that they are transitory (at least most of the time -- obviously if their site is down it's a different problem, but that is rare).  Just a guess but it would be an easy coding change so worth a try, I would suggest.
BTW, the DX Spotting fix has been just wonderful.  My FTP connection always had to be manually restarted multiple times per day and it has stopped zero times in the many days since installing the beta.  Just the latest example of your great support.
73, Steve AA8SW

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