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Tom Hauer K0YA

I set up a separate user account on our Windows 10 PC for my wife. You don't need to reload the programs, everything on the computer is visible to the new user. That makes it easy. We use WSJT-X,  JTALERT and ACLOG. When you open them in the new user account you have to set each of them up for the new user. Preferences for the other user(s) stay with their account, they don't come along, that includes your sound card settings. If you are both using LOTW each user (call sign) needs their own Tsql certificate. Its just like setting up the applications the first time on a new computer. AClog will ask you for your password again. Put the call in the password window that purchased the program for that computer. Put the new user call sign in the user setup. Don't forget to check the TCP API ENABLED box in the API settings to allow JTALERT to access AClog.

Good luck! Took me about 30 minutes with my wife driving so she knew what we were doing.  Look for her on FT8. 

Toni Hauer,  W5RCX

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Hi John,,

Thanks for your follow up.  Yes, this FAQ can be applied to your use case as well:

If you wish to have both iterations access the same log file, just save the file in a location accessible to both and point each iteration to the same file (File > Open).


73, Scott

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I tried this as well, but it appears that ACLOG only allows one install per PC.  When I attempt to install another instance (in a different folder), ACLOG only allows modification or removal.  Is there a workaround for this?

John AC4JK

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