Re: Backup and restore

Jim Shorney

A pro level backup scenario would be to have multiple thumb drives, say four for example. Label them 1, 2, 3, 4. Keep one off site, in drawer at work, in your car/truck/RV, wherever. Once a week swap in the next one. Exchange the TD you just swapped out with the off site TD and put the the formerly off site TD at the end of the rotation. Repeat next week. For the truly paranoid you could also periodically do a manual backup to DropBox or equivalent cloud service. For completeness you could also do a monthly backup of your ACLog settings as described at . You could automate it all with batch files and you would be cooking with gas as they say.



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Dennis --  wow, now that is a real lesson.  Thank you very much for the wonderful guidance, and ample motivation!! Hahha.


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