Re: Multiple ACLOG layouts

Michael WA7SKG

Have you looked at the Net tab at the top of ACLog? It brings up a simple screen with a few fields. Good for taking in checkins for a net. Open a separate database for CAP stuff.

Michael WA7SKG

John Kintz wrote on 12/24/20 12:49 PM:

Seasons Greetings to all.
New user here.  I'd like to use ACLOG for ham contacts as well as logging my Civil Air Patrol (CAP) VHF net stations.  The CAP log requires very few fields from the rather extensive field list found in ACLOG and I'm wondering how I might be able to create and maintain a more streamlined version of  ACLOG, in addition to the "normal" ACLOG application.  Thus far, I have been able to create separate log files for ham contacts and CAP contacts, but I haven't seen any way to have separate log screens (with a different set of fields) for the two different uses.
Is this even possible?  Suggestions?

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