Re: Uploaded to LOTW but not appearing in LOTW

Bob Smallwood

It may not have been clear from the replies, but you have to UPLOAD them, WAIT a while (anywhere from minutes to days depending on how backlogged they are), then DOWNLOAD from LOTW before they will show 'uploaded' in ACL. In other words, ACL waits for LOTW to CONFIRM the upload before marking them. Finally, a later download will mark them CONFIRMED after the other station has uploaded their log and the entries match.

Bob N3FM

On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 9:05 AM Larry Banks via <> wrote:
Hi name? / call?
How long did you wait after you loaded them to check?   It’s always good to check the LoTW queue to see what it is.  Use the button at the lower right of the LoTW window:  LoTW Status.   Right now it’s 35 minutes, but yesterday is was up to five hours from the weekend contests.  it’s usually a minute of two mid-week.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

From: lontoc@...
Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2020 22:30
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Uploaded to LOTW but not appearing in LOTW
I uploaded 22 new QSOs to LOTW but they did not appear in LOTW when I did a query.

So I tried again. Heres exactly what I did:

eLogs, LOTW, All Contacts not uploaded.
Then I get an error "Already uploaded QSO suppressed on line 41", so I click ignore.
Then I get "Already Uploaded QSOs detected". See the photo.

But when I do a query in LOTW, starting date 2018-12-20 and end date 2020-12-20, the logs do not appear.

I am new to this whole process. Please help.

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