Re: FT Roundup and ARRL RTTY Roundup

Stephen Walls

After the contest,  I imported the adi log from WSJT into ARRL RTTY log.

Created the Cabrillo file,  used notepad to edit contest name,  changed to "FT8-RU",  and submitted the file.

It was accepted with no issues.

I chose not to manipulate JTAlert to feed the contest program directly.
Last time I did that, it took a week to get everything 'back to normal'.

So,  I ran with ACL and JTAlert as normal,   and then did the import into the contest program to create the Cabrillo.    All the Qs were already in ACL.

For me,  way less time involved,   AND,   it worked great ! ! !

Steve   K4ELI

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