Re: LOTW Not Receiving QSO Upload

Mike Olbrisch

Good morning Paul.


The golden ribbon indicates that you have a valid certificate.  So that part sounds OK.  I personally have never used the “ALL CONTACTS NOT UPLOADED” function.  This is because I have at least ½-dozen certificates and something close to 100 portable locations saved, and I always fear it is possible to select the wrong stuff.  I select the QSOs by clicking on the ones I want to upload (either control-click or shift click) and then select the location for the upload.

You say you waited 8 hours and you still did not see your QSOs.  Have you checked since then?  Over the past few days the Log Processing Que has been anything from about 10+ hours to approaching 14 hours to get your log input processed.  BTW, you can see the LoTW process back-log by having a look here, the top line is the latest update, but you can see the last 12 hours there:


The one thing you do not want to do is to reload your log input.  Looking at the Que status right now, if you uploaded 8 hours ago you still have another 5 hours to wait before your log shows up.  If you re-upload now, the file that was previously input is over-written and you begin at the bottom again, another 13 hours.

Just as an op-note, after any contest and especially after any major contest, there is a huge back-up of logs waiting to be processed.  If you think 14 hours is a lot, wait until Field Day!


Check again, and report back what you find.  Best of luck sir…


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From: <> On Behalf Of Paul Matthews
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 4:15 AM
Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] LOTW Not Receiving QSO Upload


Several months ago my computer crashed and died. I did have all of the QSO data save.
I download the latest version of TQSL.
I requested a new LOTW certificate, it is installed and all appears correct concerning the certificate (I have the gold ribbon).
I used the N3FJP LOTW function to upload all contacts " not uploaded". I received the message for 0 when has always meant no issues.
I went to the LOTW website to look at All QSOS but there is nothing new uploaded. I uploaded them last night so there has been about 8 hours to process.
I went through the help file and followed the instructions.
Any ideas?
73 Paul

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